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Like any other country in the world, the digital economy of Cameroon is taking a new twist and many businesses now are going digital. At first it was very difficult to get any online job in Cameroon and even if one manage to get one, the payment methods are not encouraging. Again, many people always fall in to the hands of scammers all in the name of online business. Face with this challenge, MOMOPAYS has make it easy and secure to make money online just from anywhere via the sale of eBooks. What makes MOMOPAYS the one of the best and secure online business in Cameroon is that, it is easy to withdraw your earnings after every week. My advice to anyone who want to engage in any network marketing in Cameroon is to first check the withdrawal methods. This is because there are many online jobs and network marketing in the world but not available for Cameroonians. (Read: FIVE THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE INVESTING OR TAKING A JOB ONLINE)

MOMOPAYS is a Home or office Based Online Network Marketing website in Cameroon which permits anybody in all walks of life to be qualified to join. Whether you are in the village or town, to become a member, you must get registered via a member’s link or via MOMOPAYS website. Follow the steps bellow to register

·        Click Here to register

·        Fill out the form and click on agree to terms and conditions and then

·        Click "create account"

·        Enter the verification code received via SMS and input the code

·        Log in to your account with your user name and password.

·        Enter your phone number and click make payment. A message will be send to your number to confirm payment.

·        Dial the code in the message to confirm 3000FCFA via MTN mobile Money or Orange Money.

You have become a full member. If you don't yet have the Money in your account, you should end at step four and your referral link will not be given until your complete payment.
Click HERE to contact us on  MOMOPYS WhatsApp Groupfor full registration and learn how to start.

The main product on MOMOPAY is an eBook which helps you grow financially titled "EARN MONEY, SAVE AND SPEND WISELY, TO STAY RICH." By EJENMA FRANLINE C. After your complete registration, your dashboard will be open to download the eBook and to get your referrer link too.

Your sponsor link will come from any registered member for example "KingDerico". When you get your referral link, you will use it to invite others who also must register through your link and get their own referral links too. You must have an MTN or ORANGE mobile money account because the 3000FCFA will be deducted from your account as you register. Express Union mobile has equally included so you can register using Express Union mobile account.


The flexible commission of MOMOPAYS makes it possible for everyone to Make Money Online in Cameroon. This is the best Home or Office Based Network Marketing Business in Cameroon because of it easy to withdraw system. You are required to make at least 1 sale, 1 person needs to buy an eBook titled “EARN MONEY, SAVE AND SPEND WISELY, TO STAY RICH” through you by using your referral link or your username as their sponsor id on the registration page

MOMOPAY have a two-level commission base; each member will be required to pay 3000FCFA via MTN, ORANGE and Express Union mobile money account

Note: The 3000FCFA is to buy the eBook which means your registration is Zero.

Each member you refer who registers and buys MOMOPAY eBook, you will receive 1000FCFA instantly. When a person you have already referred, refers another person, you will earn 500FCFA.

Study the MOMOPAYS graphical illustration below, check it out, read it patiently and familiarize yourself with the MOMOPAYS business.

You can refer as many people as possible. So, if you refer 100 people and they all register and pay, you will earn 100,000FCFA on the first level commission and you will also earn more from their first level referrer

From the illustration above, if you have referred just 2 members, you will earn 2000FCFA that is 1000FCFA for each member. This is level 1 commission

Your first referral now refers 2 members, you will earn 1000FCFA, that is 500FCFA from each of them. Your second referral has referred 3 new members, you will also earn 1500FCFA that is 500FCFA from each of them

MOMOPAYS pays members on weekly bases that is on Fridays. Members will be able to withdraw their earnings every Fridays, it will be deposited directly into your mobile money account on your request.

 Invest into MOMOPYS, practice your marketing skills and earn more. The is a popular saying that that it is risky not to take a risk and the higher the risk the higher the return.


 If you have any questions, please comment.


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